The Stockholm Act

The local act, in a global play. The Stockholm Act takes place 21-27 August 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The non-profit organisation Stockholm Coordination Initiative was founded to coordinate actors within the fields of science, politics, civil society, business and culture. All partners to The Stockholm Act are also co-creators that will be part of shaping the festival and together raise awareness for sustainable development towards 2030.

The Stockholm Act offers a number of paths to engagement, including learning and co-design, stage time, collaborations, performance, and exhibition space in the centre of Stockholm.

Today's momentum gives a new chance to express perspectives on what global and local sustainability mean in our lives. The Sustainable Development Goals signed by all UN members in 2015 set ambitious goals, and now we need action toward 2030.

In the Stockholm Act line up you can find José Gonzalèz, Johan Rockström, Bob Hund, Peter Sellars and Fiona Harvey. They’re part of a dynamic mix of artists, scientists, civil society actors and many others coming together this summer to help everyone explore and express their relationship with sustainability, and the global goals. The program will be evolving through summer 2017.
See our program here.